About Us

Georeef.com is the premier online source specializing in high-end ultra corals. We began our journey with the goal to make some of the best and most colorful, eye-catching corals readily and easily available to hobbyists everywhere who seek collector grade pieces. These pieces include SPS such as Acros and Montis, LPS including Acans and Favia, and Softies such as Zoas, Palys, and Mushrooms.

We strive to frequently add new hand selected colonies on a regular basis so that we can consistently offer new coral frags and keep you coming back for more. Unlike many coral retailers, you won’t have to contact us to see what else we have available because we will keep our inventory updated right on our website and Facebook page. Additionally, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer excellent customer service. Reputation is an important part of this hobby and we place great emphasis on that. That is why your satisfaction is our number one priority.

In addition to our live coral selection, we also offer a selection of dry goods at competitive prices such as brand name aquarium lighting, pumps, skimmers and other items you will need to maintain a healthy environment for your aquatic marine life. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests you may have. We will respond promptly and do our best to fulfill your needs.