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Aquaforest Component 1+ 2+ 3+ is a ready-to-dose solution which contains Ca, Mg, KH, plus Trace Elements
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Aquaforest Component 1+ 2+ 3+ is a premixed 3 part solution which utilizes the Balling Method, providing you with not only calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium, but also the required trace elements required to optimize growth and color in your corals. This formula is ready to use right out of the package and requires no special or additional mixing.

AF Component 1+ 2+ 3+ can be used with:

  • LPS Corals
  • SPS Corals
  • Soft Corals
  • Clams & other filter feeders


Though this formula is designed to be dosed in equal parts, every tank's requirements are different. Typical dosing for a tank with a moderate amount of hard corals is approximately 50ml per 100l (27 gallons) per day. Dosage should be determined based on the consumption of the macro nutrients (Ca, Mg, KH).


  • Component 1+: Ca, Sr, Ba, Co, Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn, Ni, Cr. (50ml dissolved in 100 l/27 US gal raises Ca by 9 mg).
  • Component 2+: NaHCO3, F, I. (50ml dissolved in 100 l/27 US gal raises KH by 1,3 dKH (Alk: 0,46 meg/l)
  • Component 3+: Mg, Reef Mineral Salt, K and B. (50ml dissolved in 100 l/27 US gal raises Mg by 0,6 mg)
  • *Each component contains 5000ml of solution
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