Beetle Juice Convict Chalice

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Ultra Collector Large Polyp Stony Coral Chalice Frag Rare Exotic
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Coming Soon! The Beetle Juice Chalice is a convict type chalice with vivid stripes, green and red, with hints of orange and yellow. It is a stunning piece that is sure to grab attention. Chalice corals will encrust across rock and are capable of stinging adjacent corals, particularly at night when their feeding tentacles are extended. So it is important to maintain distance between them and other live corals. These LPS benefit from occasional feedings and even small mysis shrimp when their mouths are big enough to swallow them.

Coral Care Level: Intermediate
Size : 3/4-1 inch
Diet: Zooplankton, Small Mysis
Tank Lighting: T5/LED Combo
Calcium: 470
Alkalinity 8.0
Magnesium: 1480
Nitrate: 7
Flow: Medium

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SKU BJCC070317
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